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“This issue mixes the sweetness in which Zara and Wheeler begins their friendship and the cruelty of what a war is, there is a wide range of emotions”–Un Comic Mas

I Hate Manner’s Class by Zara


Mother and Father,

Now that everything with Rainbow has settled, things are sort of normal. Still, I hate this school.

Why is being a Princess so tiresome? We had dining etiquette today. Apparently, if I use the wrong fork it can start a war? That’s crazy! Other then size these forks all look the same? Whoever heard of a war starting over how a salad was ate? Father, did you ever want to start a war with Penelope’s father because he used the wrong fork? I don’t remember it. It didn’t happen. And if it did, it happened in the past, haven’t we gotten smarter. It’s mad.

I asked the Queen. She banged her head against the wall. It was funny but writing an essay about fork placement is a pain. Why does she hate me? Is it because Penelope and I don’t get along? I don’t know. But, I think Penelope and I’s arguments are better cause for war then fork placement.

I miss you. I love you. I’ll make you proud.



More Penelope Drama by Zara


Dear Diary,

Things have gotten worse since the Rainbow incident. Penelope hates me… again. Why? Because I said Kyra’s story is better than the Tale of Galen and Nena.

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Zara’s Crossed the Line by Penelope

Art by Nicolas Chapuis

Oh Diary,

Remember when I said I was going to strangle Zara? No longer. I’m going to put her on the rack then strangle her. She mocked the Tale of Nena and Galen. Continue reading “Zara’s Crossed the Line by Penelope”

The Horse Incident by Penelope

Art by Nicolas Chapuis


Dear Diary,

Zara’s finally done it. She went riding earlier today and didn’t return until suppertime. Mother had to cancel manner’s class and sent the castle guard to find her. Can you imagine what would’ve happened if she was kidnapped or killed on Mother and Father’s watch? It could shatter the unity of Harmonia. It gets worse, she returned to the Castle, horseless. Continue reading “The Horse Incident by Penelope”

The Fall of the Assembly Line by Ultimus

Art by Nicolas Chapuis. Colors by Alyssa Spector

The Assembly Line was our source of life. Until it stopped working. No more of us were created and we declined. The war accelerated this. Still, the Assembly Line served a purpose. It was neutral ground, until Tyrannis seized it under cover of night. The Guardian and his defenses were no match for a Decimator blitz. Continue reading “The Fall of the Assembly Line by Ultimus”

Working Together by Penelope

Art by Nicolas Chapuis

Dear Mother,

Everything’s ready for the Mid-Summer Recital. My song (unlike the others which are based upon fairy tales) is about the grandeur the Five Kingdoms achieved by working together.

As separate kingdoms we were nearly doomed by the Days of Fire. United, we prospered as Harmonia. We achieved greatness by working together. This is the theme of my song, if five separate kingdoms can work together so can cats and dogs.

I can’t wait for our subjects to see Flora and Fauna tidy up a mess. It’s hard to get cats and dogs to work together without a common goal. But, like the Five Kingdoms had the Days of Fire, Flora and Fauna had an impossible task to complete: tidying Zara’s room.

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