The Fall of the Assembly Line by Ultimus

Art by Nicolas Chapuis. Colors by Alyssa Spector

The Assembly Line was our source of life. Until it stopped working. No more of us were created and we declined. The war accelerated this. Still, the Assembly Line served a purpose. It was neutral ground, until Tyrannis seized it under cover of night. The Guardian and his defenses were no match for a Decimator blitz.

I rallied our forces to intervene. We were too late. Despite our best efforts, the Decimators assault was coordinated to take out all automated defenses leaving the Guardian trapped in the middle.


The Decimators used the Assembly Line’s defenses against us. The last sight I saw was the Guardian self-destructing to prevent his knowledge from falling into Tyrannis’ hands.


The question is what happens next and I don’t know. If Tyrannis has gained the Secret of Life, he has the ability to make more of us. But those automatons will be programmed to serve him. We’ll will be outnumbered.


If he doesn’t have the Secret, he controls the means to repair multiple injured soldiers at a time, giving him an advantage on the battlefield.  My warriors are worried. So am I.

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