Working Together by Penelope

Art by Nicolas Chapuis

Dear Mother,

Everything’s ready for the Mid-Summer Recital. My song (unlike the others which are based upon fairy tales) is about the grandeur the Five Kingdoms achieved by working together.

As separate kingdoms we were nearly doomed by the Days of Fire. United, we prospered as Harmonia. We achieved greatness by working together. This is the theme of my song, if five separate kingdoms can work together so can cats and dogs.

I can’t wait for our subjects to see Flora and Fauna tidy up a mess. It’s hard to get cats and dogs to work together without a common goal. But, like the Five Kingdoms had the Days of Fire, Flora and Fauna had an impossible task to complete: tidying Zara’s room.

That place is worse than the Forbidden Woods. Flora was nauseous when she entered. I’ve never seen a dog so repulsed. I was lucky I kept it together. But a Princess’ song can be sung during the harshest conditions. Through perseverance Flora and Fauna overcame the filth and made Zara’s quarters, livable. And what did she do? She didn’t even thank me. She thought the room was nice the way it was.

Does she not understand that royalty must maintain an image? Princess Nena refused the great knight, Galen’s rescue because he snuck into the Ogre King’s castle by hiding in a hog cart. Royalty has integrity. Why doesn’t she understand this? Has her obsession with dragons put her so far into the clouds that she can’t see the world in front of her? Her family should be ashamed. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have written that.

I’m singing about people coming together while besmirching a fellow royal. She’s a pain in the neck but can be a likeable girl. I just wish she’d listen to you instead of looking out the window during class. There’s a time for dreaming and a time for learning, as you like to say. Returning to rehearsing.

Your daughter,

Penelope: Third of her name. Daughter of King Phillip and Queen of Aleta. Princess of Pieroette and current High Princess of Harmonia.


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