The Horse Incident by Penelope

Art by Nicolas Chapuis


Dear Diary,

Zara’s finally done it. She went riding earlier today and didn’t return until suppertime. Mother had to cancel manner’s class and sent the castle guard to find her. Can you imagine what would’ve happened if she was kidnapped or killed on Mother and Father’s watch? It could shatter the unity of Harmonia. It gets worse, she returned to the Castle, horseless.


Zara lost her horse! The animal she’ supposed to sing to at the Midsummer Recital. Mother was so angry I saw veins in her forehead. She’s making Zara balance the History of her family as we speak. I’d pity her but her trip has made the Castle Guard extra cautious. I can’t meet Hansel at our secret place.

Hansel, though only Prince Sigurd’s Squire, writes the most exquisite poetry. Tonight, he was going to recite a poem he wrote for me. Now with two guards outside my door I can’t meet him, and my heart has sunk. I’m going to strangle Zara for this.

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