More Penelope Drama by Zara


Dear Diary,

Things have gotten worse since the Rainbow incident. Penelope hates me… again. Why? Because I said Kyra’s story is better than the Tale of Galen and Nena.

I said Nena was selfish. Galen fights all those battles and breaks her out of the Ogre King’s tower only to be spurned because he snuck in on a  hog cart? What the heck? Stopping the Ogre King from turning you into his Ogre Queen is not enough? Why do you care about how he got there as long as he saved you?

Anyway, he comes back, hacks his way through a forest of thorns and stops the Ogre King right as he’s about to slip his dark ring on Nena’s finger. It’s a fun story but, in all seriousness, is Nena dull? Why would she spurn her knight when she is in danger? Is a knight riding in on a horse more important than being turned into an ogre?

I just asked and she got offended. Too me this is a no brainer, throw salt in the Ogre King’s eye and run…or kick him in the “special” spot. Vulgar, but better than being an ogre. Kyra would’ve gotten into that situation. She’d have Starlight eat him.


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