Robots vs. Princesses #2 is on sale TODAY


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“This issue mixes the sweetness in which Zara and Wheeler begins their friendship and the cruelty of what a war is, there is a wide range of emotions”–Un Comic Mas

More Penelope Drama by Zara


Dear Diary,

Things have gotten worse since the Rainbow incident. Penelope hates me… again. Why? Because I said Kyra’s story is better than the Tale of Galen and Nena.

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The Dance of the Cobra and Scorpion by Artelia

Art by Nicolas Chapuis

“The Dance of the Cobra and Scorpion.”

By Artelia of Yahira

“The Dance of the Cobra and Scorpion” was born in Yahira’s earliest days. King Kheoff and Queen Clea gave birth to twin sons: Tariq and Fazar, putting the line of succession into question.

When twins are the first-born, the small council determines the successor based on the heir’s temperament, intellectual and physical capabilities. Tariq and Fazar were equally qualified but lacked the patience for bureaucracy. They chose the quicker route, war. Continue reading “The Dance of the Cobra and Scorpion by Artelia”