Doc’s Report by Ultimus


By the maker, he did it! After careful inspection Doc figured out the Hunters were running on an automated program. Once we find the source of the signal and take it out, the Hunters will be nothing more than scrap metal. However, that will have to wait. Our short-term objective is finding way to jam the signal. Doc believes we can do it by fortifying Home Base with a short range EMP. That’ll leave us protected while we work on tracing the signal back to it’s source. It’s easier to attack one target than a thousand. I know with enough time, Doc will find it.

Combat Training Day Two by Zara


Sgt. Remus is gone. Something about his undergarments being on display in front of us, don’t know how that happened. Good riddance I say, he was mean. He was all about yelling at us and having us do push ups as opposed to real combat training with swords and punching. Unfortunately, our new trainer isn’t much better.

Crown Prince Sigurd of Nordhelm. The “Heir to the North” as the Queen likes to say. The Queen says he’s a brave refined, Prince whose kept his kingdom safe from the wild hordes. If you ask me he’s just an arrogant braggart.

He spent most of the session talking about his prowess then actually showing us anything. Then he randomly leg sweeped Clarisse, caught her, kissed her forehead and snorted about how she wasn’t prepared and he prevented her from cracking her head. Jerk.

He and his soldiers did help us with our stances, so it’s not a total loss. Still, I hope he sits on a bee’s nest. Maybe I can…


Combat Training by Clarisse


I love painting near where the soldiers train. Their movements are like a dance. I’ve learned so much about the human figure by observing and sketching . And I must admit, I do blush when one of them waves to me.

So, I was surprised this morning when King Phillip personally woke all of us and led us to the combat grounds. We were greeted by First Sgt. Remus, who told us today was our first day of “combat training.”

Zara was giddy, Penelope was aghast, and Artelia didn’t seem to care. King Phillip told us we needed to learn hand- to-hand combat in case we are kidnapped. Penelope spoke up that our songs we’re used for defense until Remus shouted, “what if you’re gagged?” then began calling us “maggots” and “yardbirds” and forced us to run laps. Such a cruel, corpulent, buzzard.

Zara asked when we were going to use the swords and he made her do 100 push-ups. After 20, I noticed Zara was humming a little tune toward the ground. When Remus attempted to scold he started twitching.

We giggled while he started trying to scratch through his armor. Then I saw an ant come out of one of the knee joints. He lost his wits and started removing his leg armor piece by piece. That’s when we saw a swarm of ants crawling all over his legs and up to his pelvis. He rushed to the lake while we laughed.

I know Zara did it, but I’m not going to say anything. I will say though, this experience has taught me much about form and muscle will surely help my drawing.”

Capturing a Hunter by Ultimus



The only way to learn about Tyrannis’ new weapon is too see it for myself. No sooner did I leave Home Base that three of them swarmed me. They fired at me from every direction. I took out two of them by ducking between them. They fired at me at the same time. I don’t need to explain the rest. One was left, and I needed it intact.

I ducked behind a corner as one hovered near me. I switched in and out stasis. As I predicted it’s attracted to the hum of our engines. When I shut down it would fly off. By switching in and out I was able to distract it long enough to hit it with a stun blast. Mission accomplished. Now, to find out what they are, and most importantly, how to defeat them.


The Days of Fire Part 2


From out of the Forbidden Woods, the wizard unleashed his most diabolical creations. Creatures larger than trees destroyed everything in their path. They attacked Yahira first, turning our kingdom to ash before moving onto Tanglewylde.

Here’s where it gets fishy. All descriptions of the Creatures vary from kingdom to kingdom. The Pieroettans and Tanglewyldian’s describe them as dragons with intricate shells. The Castillian’s say they were giants so large they made the sea rise. But we Yahiran’s know the truth, for the orator has passed the story down. They were giants cast out of stone, with fire for arms and eyes. They gave me nightmares for years.

Everyone (because Zara won’t shut up about it) knows the tale of Queen Kyra and her dragon Starlight uniting the Five Kingdoms and the Dragon clans. The final battle where Kyra and Starlight fell against the creatures’ leader, “The Beast.” And how, depending on whom you ask, the dragons battle with themselves or whatever attacked. But, there is so much we don’t know.

We don’t know what happened to the wizard? Did he die? Was he the Beast? I couldn’t find any record. Also, telling is the lack of battle plans or military journals about Kyra’s Last Stand. Were they destroyed? I haven’t found any, but I’m still searching.

We Yahirans believe the wizard and his army will return. If we don’t know what were fighting we can’t defeat it. I will continue my research, for like father says, “knowledge is power” and Yahira shall never be caught off guard again.

Crown Princess of Yahira

What were the Days of Fire? by Artelia


Thanks to Zara’s escapades, it’s impossible to get any privacy in this palace. Guards are everywhere and they’re always asking, “Where are you going? What are you doing? Why?” Sometimes a “none of your business” works, other times I walk past. They can’t put their hands on a Princess if there is no immediate danger. Still, they can be useful.

I had them fetch every record in the Capitol City about the Days of Fire. There’s a lot about what took place after but not the actual event and what is available is contradictory. Still, as Crown Princess, it is my royal duty to maintain a concise history of our kingdom and the ones who surround us, for their history affects us too. Here is what I’ve pieced together.

It all began when a wizard appeared on the shores of Castilia. This wizard traveled across the Five Kingdoms bestowing gifts to the Royal Families. But, these gifts were cursed for they drove the families and the kingdoms to war.

Of all the Kingdoms, we, the Yahirans, remained strong and unconquered. Our heat and rugged terrain made journey’s treacherous. But it couldn’t save us from what came next.

I Hate Manner’s Class by Zara


Mother and Father,

Now that everything with Rainbow has settled, things are sort of normal. Still, I hate this school.

Why is being a Princess so tiresome? We had dining etiquette today. Apparently, if I use the wrong fork it can start a war? That’s crazy! Other then size these forks all look the same? Whoever heard of a war starting over how a salad was ate? Father, did you ever want to start a war with Penelope’s father because he used the wrong fork? I don’t remember it. It didn’t happen. And if it did, it happened in the past, haven’t we gotten smarter. It’s mad.

I asked the Queen. She banged her head against the wall. It was funny but writing an essay about fork placement is a pain. Why does she hate me? Is it because Penelope and I don’t get along? I don’t know. But, I think Penelope and I’s arguments are better cause for war then fork placement.

I miss you. I love you. I’ll make you proud.



The Secret of Life Discovered?


Art by Nicolas Chapuis. Colors by Alexander Lidstrom 

I searched the Assembly Line’s library and its not here. There is no record of the Secret of Life in the Great Library. Nothing to assist me in building the army that will bring order to Chromia.  Continue reading “The Secret of Life Discovered?”