Zara’s Crossed the Line by Penelope

Art by Nicolas Chapuis

Oh Diary,

Remember when I said I was going to strangle Zara? No longer. I’m going to put her on the rack then strangle her. She mocked the Tale of Nena and Galen.

She said Pierouette’s most gallant knight was foolish for honoring Nena’s request that he not rescue her after riding on a hog cart. Honoring your lady’s request is the highest mark of chivalry. For her to mock Galen’s bravery and dedication just writing about it makes me angry. Ugh!

What’s worse? She called Nena selfish! Why? Because she expected Galen to conduct himself like a knight? I swear that girl thinks belching is a sign of love and dedication.

But I guess that’s what happens when you’re Tanglewylde’s Princess. It’s no wonder she has no concept of courtly love and manners, growing up around peasants. I’m surprised that kingdom has a palace. Even more that it’s not made of trees. Still, that girl needs to learn respect. She needs to respect me. She needs to respect my mother. She needs to respect that one day she will be Queen of her kingdom and serve as High Queen of Harmonia. And the responsibilities of those titles doesn’t involve searching for dragons.  I’m going to have to teach her a lesson and in the process give her an animal to replace her lost horse.


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