The Horse Incident by Penelope

Art by Nicolas Chapuis


Dear Diary,

Zara’s finally done it. She went riding earlier today and didn’t return until suppertime. Mother had to cancel manner’s class and sent the castle guard to find her. Can you imagine what would’ve happened if she was kidnapped or killed on Mother and Father’s watch? It could shatter the unity of Harmonia. It gets worse, she returned to the Castle, horseless. Continue reading “The Horse Incident by Penelope”

Zara’s Horse by Clarisse

Art by Nicolas Chapuis

Dear Diary,

I told her it would happen and it did. But Zara’s stubborn. When she gets an idea in her head you can’t stop her, no matter how much she’ll get in trouble. Continue reading “Zara’s Horse by Clarisse”

Mapping the Assembly Line by Wheeler

Art by Nicolas Chapuis. Colors by Alexander Lidstrom


I can’t believe it. Tyrannis is giving me a solo mission. Even better, it’s to where I was born, The Assembly Line. I’ve been there many times, but I’ve never seen all of it. Now I get to, because my mission is to map the facility. Continue reading “Mapping the Assembly Line by Wheeler”

Working Together by Penelope

Art by Nicolas Chapuis

Dear Mother,

Everything’s ready for the Mid-Summer Recital. My song (unlike the others which are based upon fairy tales) is about the grandeur the Five Kingdoms achieved by working together.

As separate kingdoms we were nearly doomed by the Days of Fire. United, we prospered as Harmonia. We achieved greatness by working together. This is the theme of my song, if five separate kingdoms can work together so can cats and dogs.

I can’t wait for our subjects to see Flora and Fauna tidy up a mess. It’s hard to get cats and dogs to work together without a common goal. But, like the Five Kingdoms had the Days of Fire, Flora and Fauna had an impossible task to complete: tidying Zara’s room.

Continue reading “Working Together by Penelope”

The Dance of the Cobra and Scorpion by Artelia

Art by Nicolas Chapuis

“The Dance of the Cobra and Scorpion.”

By Artelia of Yahira

“The Dance of the Cobra and Scorpion” was born in Yahira’s earliest days. King Kheoff and Queen Clea gave birth to twin sons: Tariq and Fazar, putting the line of succession into question.

When twins are the first-born, the small council determines the successor based on the heir’s temperament, intellectual and physical capabilities. Tariq and Fazar were equally qualified but lacked the patience for bureaucracy. They chose the quicker route, war. Continue reading “The Dance of the Cobra and Scorpion by Artelia”

The Bird Weave Song by Clarisse


“Of Princess Estrellia and the Bird Weave Song”

 By Clarisse of Castillia

For Her Royal Highness High Queen Aleta,

It is with great excitement that I shall sing “The Bird Weave Song” at the Midsummer Festival.

The legend behind it is so inspiring. Continue reading “The Bird Weave Song by Clarisse”

The Ballad of Dragons by Zara

Zara by Nicolas Chapuis

I don’t know what Kyra’s life was like before she married King Tomas, but it doesn’t matter compared to what she did. Walking in the forest one day, Kyra heard a cry that sounded like a banshee and a dove. Drawn by the sound she found a baby dragon.

Pitying the poor creature, she took the baby raised. Kyra fed and sang to her dragon, whom she named Starlight. When people asked she told them it was a lizard. It didn’t last long, the dragon went from a baby to an adult and people were scared.

Kyra didn’t care. She’d raised Starlight since he was baby so he loved and trusted her. Here’s where the story gets exciting. Continue reading “The Ballad of Dragons by Zara”