Zara’s Horse by Clarisse

Art by Nicolas Chapuis

Dear Diary,

I told her it would happen and it did. But Zara’s stubborn. When she gets an idea in her head you can’t stop her, no matter how much she’ll get in trouble.

She always talked about taking Rainbow to the Forbidden Woods. Why would she do such a thing? Horses hate that place. When I take Peanut anywhere near it, she starts neighing and bucking and eventually turns around. I can’t believe she’d even attempt it. But Zara’s Zara, and it looks she did it because she rode out with Rainbow this morning and came back without her at nightfall. The Queen sent out a search party to find her when she wasn’t at manner’s class.

I’m glad I wasn’t in the room when Queen Aleta found out about Rainbow. She’s furious.

Some days I wish I had Zara’s bravery. She’s always coming up with outlandish ideas and then trying them. Often, they are success. Whatever she did today wasn’t one of them. Days like this, I wish she had more sense. Either way, she’s still my friend.


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