The Bird Weave Song by Clarisse


“Of Princess Estrellia and the Bird Weave Song”

 By Clarisse of Castillia

For Her Royal Highness High Queen Aleta,

It is with great excitement that I shall sing “The Bird Weave Song” at the Midsummer Festival.

The legend behind it is so inspiring.

The first to sing “The Bird Weave Song” was Princess Estrellia. She and a crew of fifty men and handmaidens sailed from Castillia to Nagimi to negotiate trade. A storm raged, destroying their cargo, damaging their sails, and stranding them on an island. With no sails to carry the wind and no cargo to trade, the crew despaired. But, Estrellia did not lose hope.

That night she stood on the shore, gazed toward the stars, and sang. According to the legend, seagulls heard her song and found extra fabric hidden in the ship.

The birds repaired the sails to Estrellia’s tune. The next morning the ship resumed it’s journey.

But, they had another problem. All the goods were wiped out in the storm. They had nothing to trade with the people of Nagimi. Did Estrellia panic? Goodness no! The seagulls joined her on the journey. They used left over fabrics and weaved dresses to Estrellia’s song. When they arrived, the Nagiman Queen was impressed by the bird’s dresses that she gave the Princess fifty chests of gold for all of them.

Because of Estrellia, Castillia entered an age of prosperity.

Estrellia by Clarisse (From the Collection of Kristen Gudsnuk)

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