The Ballad of Dragons by Zara

Zara by Nicolas Chapuis

I don’t know what Kyra’s life was like before she married King Tomas, but it doesn’t matter compared to what she did. Walking in the forest one day, Kyra heard a cry that sounded like a banshee and a dove. Drawn by the sound she found a baby dragon.

Pitying the poor creature, she took the baby raised. Kyra fed and sang to her dragon, whom she named Starlight. When people asked she told them it was a lizard. It didn’t last long, the dragon went from a baby to an adult and people were scared.

Kyra didn’t care. She’d raised Starlight since he was baby so he loved and trusted her. Here’s where the story gets exciting.

When it was time for Kyra to marry, many nobles sought her hand but she didn’t like them. So, she gave them a challenge: whoever could ride Starlight for a minute would win her hand.

So many nobles were thrown in the mud, her suitors were dubbed, “Mudbutts.”

Then came Tomas, Prince of Tanglewylde. Unlike the Mudbutts, whose egos got them tossed in the mud, Tomas was kind to Kyra and offered only to talk to her when she wanted to. Kyra saw something in Tomas…and Starlight saw it too. Starlight let Tomas ride him. Tomas never rode him again, but Starlight’s approval was enough for Kyra and they married.

Kyra gave birth to a son, Arthur and she and Tomas ruled with compassion and strength. Then the Days of Fire happened. No one really knows what attacked us. People from Pieroette think it was dragons, the Yaharians believe it was stone giants with arms of fire, and we along with the Castillians believe it was magical creatures that we banished.

Kyra and Starlight united the Five Kingdoms and led the attack against the Enemy. They pushed the invaders back far enough so a great wizard could erect the Forbidden Woods and trap them. But, Kyra died in the battle, along with Starlight.

Kyra’s sacrifice inspired the Five Kingdoms to become Harmonia. When I look to the stars, I think of Kyra.

I wish I could talk to Kyra. I wish I could ask her about being a good Queen without worrying about forks. Kyra cared about people. She fought for them. Which is more than any Queen or Princess can do by singing songs or putting their fork in the right place. Kyra’s legacy lives with my family. One day, I shall ride a dragon just like her.

—Princess Zara of Tanglewylde

 Zara! A Princess does not use vulgarities like “Mudbutts.” Especially when referring to past royals.

 -H.R.H. High Queen Aleta


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