The Assembly Line is Mine! by Tyrannis

Art by Nicolas Chapuis. Colors by Alexander Lidstrom

At last, the Assembly Line is mine! The ability to create new soldiers and crush the Centurions once for all is in my hands. Unfortunately there’s been a set back.

The Guardian. That stoic, gold plated, automaton that hoarded the Assembly Line’s secrets for centuries activated his self-destruct mode before I could interrogate him. Still, one of Meglia’s brain probes can pry the Secret of Life from what remains of  his memory banks.

If that fails at least the Guardian’s Library is preserved. Once I browse it I’m sure to find the Secret of Life and mold our race in my image: a race of robots with strength who obey no one but me. A new age is dawning, a golden age for Chromia. One where I shall rule and no one will dare challenge me.


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