What Happened to Rainbow by Zara

Art by Nicolas Chapuis

Mother and Father,

I messed up. I lost Rainbow, but it’s not as bad as you think.

Regardless of what you may have heard, I did not take Rainbow into the Forbidden Woods. We were riding near them but not in them.

We strayed from the regular path and wound up near the Woods. Rainbow got spooked and started bucking. I lost control and fell off. By the time I recovered she was gone.

I looked for her until twilight, which is when the guards found me. The Queen was not happy.

I had to balance a copy of Harmonian Etiquette on my head for an eternity. Do you know how heavy that book is? It’s the same weight, at least, as two bricks. Worse, Queen Aleta was screaming at me the entire time. The only reason I stopped was because she lost her voice.

I know I shouldn’t have strayed from the path but there’s so much mystery and wonder out there that I have to see it. Isn’t seeking knowledge part of what it means to be a princess? Why do we hide from what scares us? Why are somethings “forbidden?”

I’m worried about Rainbow. She was a stubborn but sweet horse. I’d lead a search for her but the Queen locked down the Castle. I can’t leave my quarters without a guard stopping me. Maybe Rainbow had the right idea, to roam free rather than live in a cage. If she’s gone, I hope she’ll journey far and have adventures I can only dream about.

It’s late and this parchment is almost full. I love you both and will write again when my neck’s no longer sore.



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