What were the Days of Fire? by Artelia


Thanks to Zara’s escapades, it’s impossible to get any privacy in this palace. Guards are everywhere and they’re always asking, “Where are you going? What are you doing? Why?” Sometimes a “none of your business” works, other times I walk past. They can’t put their hands on a Princess if there is no immediate danger. Still, they can be useful.

I had them fetch every record in the Capitol City about the Days of Fire. There’s a lot about what took place after but not the actual event and what is available is contradictory. Still, as Crown Princess, it is my royal duty to maintain a concise history of our kingdom and the ones who surround us, for their history affects us too. Here is what I’ve pieced together.

It all began when a wizard appeared on the shores of Castilia. This wizard traveled across the Five Kingdoms bestowing gifts to the Royal Families. But, these gifts were cursed for they drove the families and the kingdoms to war.

Of all the Kingdoms, we, the Yahirans, remained strong and unconquered. Our heat and rugged terrain made journey’s treacherous. But it couldn’t save us from what came next.

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