The Days of Fire Part 2


From out of the Forbidden Woods, the wizard unleashed his most diabolical creations. Creatures larger than trees destroyed everything in their path. They attacked Yahira first, turning our kingdom to ash before moving onto Tanglewylde.

Here’s where it gets fishy. All descriptions of the Creatures vary from kingdom to kingdom. The Pieroettans and Tanglewyldian’s describe them as dragons with intricate shells. The Castillian’s say they were giants so large they made the sea rise. But we Yahiran’s know the truth, for the orator has passed the story down. They were giants cast out of stone, with fire for arms and eyes. They gave me nightmares for years.

Everyone (because Zara won’t shut up about it) knows the tale of Queen Kyra and her dragon Starlight uniting the Five Kingdoms and the Dragon clans. The final battle where Kyra and Starlight fell against the creatures’ leader, “The Beast.” And how, depending on whom you ask, the dragons battle with themselves or whatever attacked. But, there is so much we don’t know.

We don’t know what happened to the wizard? Did he die? Was he the Beast? I couldn’t find any record. Also, telling is the lack of battle plans or military journals about Kyra’s Last Stand. Were they destroyed? I haven’t found any, but I’m still searching.

We Yahirans believe the wizard and his army will return. If we don’t know what were fighting we can’t defeat it. I will continue my research, for like father says, “knowledge is power” and Yahira shall never be caught off guard again.

Crown Princess of Yahira

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