The Secret of Life Discovered?


Art by Nicolas Chapuis. Colors by Alexander Lidstrom 

I searched the Assembly Line’s library and its not here. There is no record of the Secret of Life in the Great Library. Nothing to assist me in building the army that will bring order to Chromia. 

Making matters worse, Meglia gave me his report. The Guardian’s memory banks do not carry the Secret of Life. The Guardian has no memories, he was never alive. He’s a drone. A lifeless remote automaton with a pre-programmed set of instructions. As a species we are doomed. Doomed, because we cannot create more of us. Doomed, because of Ultimus’  refusal to surrender. That fool is willing to destroy his own species rather than acknowledging my rightful place as ruler of Chromia.

While the Secret of Life is still out of reach, the Assembly Line campaign was not a total loss.  The Guardian’s body has given me an idea. One I’m sure Meglia can bring to fruition.

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