The Waiting Game by Gunnar

Art by Nicolas Chapuis. Colors by Alyssa Spector

All quiet on the front. Little too quiet. Means one thing: the Decimators have something planned. What? Ah don’t know. But, if the past is anything, it’s somethin’ big.

The Decimator’s never stop fighting. They plan, they strike, and worse, they succeed. This is a war for survival. We can’t afford to lose troops. Guardian’s not makin’ more of us, so every unit counts. Even the Decimators. Ultimus makes a point that we inflict minimal casualties, so that we can survive.


The Decimators, they don’t care how many of us they junk, as long as we’re junked.


That’s the difference between Ultimus and Tyrannis. Tyrannis will harm anyone that doesn’t follow him. If it means destroying half of us, Tyrannis will do it and he’ll sacrifice his soldiers to accomplish that goal. He wants a world where everyone’ll obey him. Ultimus wants us all to live. He wants us to grow and explore. See what we can accomplish when we aren’t fightin’. A world without fightin’, wonder what that’s like?

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